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"Let me first say, I know that if Mr. Howie had not accepted my case, I would not have gotten the results for my case that he did! I wanted to plead guilty but Mr. Howie told me no because he knew what was best. He even told me not to ask to plead guilty again and boy he was right! I hired Mitchell J. Howie, the best Huntsville Criminal Defense attorney after I was searching on the Internet for the best attorney in Huntsville. In my research, I found that like me he was veteran and had been a military defense lawyer. After hiring him, I learned that he is one of the Top Lawyers in Alabama and One of the Best Attorneys in America. Mr. Howie was willing to work with me since I was a veteran with a brain injury even though I had limited income. He showed that he truly cares about his brothers in the military. He came through big time and got all the charges against me dismissed and I didn't even have to pay court costs which was tremendously helpful to me and my wife. If you want the best attorney in Alabama, hire Mitchell J. Howie today!!! He will help you and he cares about your case!"

Brian Williams, Retired Disabled Veteran

"Mitchell J. Howie is the best military defense lawyer! I was having very little luck on the internet finding an attorney that knew the military justice system. Huntsville Military Defense Attorney Mitchell J. Howie far exceeded my expectations. His professional assistance during my Article 15 hearing was highly influential and very much appreciated as he helped save my career in the Army! I would recommend him as a Huntsville Military Defense attorney to any Soldier facing any administrative action, Article 15 or Court Martial."

SSG D. Harper, Military Member

“I contacted Huntsville Criminal Defense Lawyer Mitchell J. Howie because I knew he was a recipient of the Top 100 Trial Lawyers Award in 2014 and he was highly recommended as one of the best criminal lawyers in Huntsville.  I had never been in trouble before but after hiring Huntsville criminal defense lawyer Mitchell J. Howie, I knew I was in good hands.  He promptly returned my phone calls and e mails and was able to get all charges against me dropped within 2 weeks of hiring the best criminal defense firm.  If you are in trouble with a  misdemeanor or a felony I highly recommend Mitchell J. Howie because he is clearly the best criminal defense lawyer in Huntsville!”

Jonathan Sanford, Huntsville, AL


“Mitchell has worked with my company as a Texas business attorney since 2004 and has been instrumental in negotiating contracts and resolving legal disputes. We highly recommend Mitchell Howie as a business attorney.”

Dennis Byrd Jr., President of Island Yard Byrd's Incorporated

"Mitchell J. Howie is a great personal injury lawyer and excellent trial attorney! With his expertise and knowledge of the law he prepared my case for trial and on the eve of trial was able to obtain a $75,000 settlement to compensate for my injuries. I highly recommend you hire Mitchell J. Howie to pursue justice if you have been injured."

Sandra Brown, Huntsville, Alabama


“Mitchell is a highly skilled trial attorney! As a senior trial counsel in the United States Air Force I have tried over 100 cases and worked with countless military and civilian trial attorneys and Mitchell is absolutely one of the most gifted litigators. He is very effective for his client's position."

Roberto Ramírez, Senior Trial Counsel


"Mitchell Howie provided me with top notch legal representation as a skilled and prominent criminal defense attorney in Huntsville, Alabama. As a former military lawyer, Mitchell intimately understands military law. Although the charges against me were false, as a military member, I was potentially facing a court martial for the false allegations. With Mitchell as my dedicated advocate and zealous Huntsville trial lawyer, I did not have to defend myself at a court martial or even defend against an Article 15 under the Uniform Code of Military Justice. Mitchell knew the potential criminal and administrative actions that I was facing. He understood the potential damage to my military career from any administrative reprimand or UCMJ action and helped achieve the best possible outcome without any stain on my official military record. He ensured justice was served and that I could continue serving in the United States Military, he really cared about the outcome of my case! I know I had the best Huntsville trial attorney to represent me in this matter. I recommend Mitchell Howie to any other military member who is in need of a good Huntsville military defense attorney." Don Hunter, Military Member, Huntsville, Alabama

"Mitchell J. Howie has advised me and my construction company since it's inception as General Counsel to my business. As my business attorney he has drafted Residential Construction contracts. Recently, he assisted in a debt collection matter for my company. Due to his intensive negotiations over a 6 month period and his assistance in properly filing a Mechanic's Lien in court, I received the full amount owed which totaled over $20,000 dollars. I highly recommend Mitchell as general counsel and a business attorney."

Nicholas Lankford, President of Lankford Custom Homes

"Mitchell Howie is a skilled and prominent Huntsville criminal defense attorney, because of his dedication to my case, his aggressive litigation strategy, and understanding of the law, he persuaded the city attorney's office to dismiss all of the false charges brought against me. My case wasn't a simple matter to deal with and it also had a bearing on my employment. Mitchell truly expressed his integrity and commitment to ensure justice was done and showed that he personally cared for my welfare. I recommend his work as a Huntsville defense lawyer to everyone."

Teresa Smith, Huntsville Alabama


"As a screenwriter, I recently signed on to have Mitchell as my literary agent and entertainment attorney, and so far I couldn't be happier. As soon as I signed with him, he kicked it into gear and I was blown away by his work ethic, diligence, and efficiency. He's already opening doors for me that will lead to a promising career as a professional screenwriter. I highly recommend Mitchell as an agent and entertainment attorney to anyone who's either in or wants to be in the entertainment business."

Dr. Todd Masel, UTMB

"I've worked with Mitchell Howie on numerous legal matters from drafting wills to trials. He brings relentless passion and zeal to his work. He takes the client's interests to heart and drives to a successful conclusion in their favor. As a jury member, I saw him crush the defense attorneys in the courtroom and I know I want him on my side! I would hire him as my trial attorney without hesitation."

Scott Vaughan, Jury Member

“Mitchell is a natural litigator with a real passion for his work. The client sitting at Mitchell's table will know Mitchell's commitment instantly. The impact Mitchell will have in courtrooms around Alabama and Texas as a trial attorney after his time prosecuting in the Air Force will be dramatic. I look forward to watching his work."

Joseph Kubler, Senior Trial Counsel

"Mitchell is a great trial lawyer! I was one of his first clients after he completed law school. With him as my trial lawyer he was able to get all criminal charges against me dropped! I would highly recommend Mitchell Howie as a criminal defense lawyer and for all of your legal needs!"

Mr. Josh Rochkind, President of Tre Side Kennels

"Mitchell's dedication to the law is outstanding. I have worked with Mitchell as a prosecutor and opposed him as a defense counsel in the Air Force. As a prosecutor he brought skill, knowledge, and gut instinct to the table. When I opposed him as a defense counsel, I knew I had my work cut out for me. I have tried over 30 cases in the Air Force and worked against many military and civilian trial attorneys. Mitchell is absolutely one of the most effective litigators I have ever faced. In court, I would want Mitchell on my side giving the closing argument!"

Damon Scott, Former Area Defense Counsel

"I have known Mitchell since he was a law student in 2003. I have watched him do excellent work as a legislative intern and as Chief of Staff at the Texas State Capitol. I have also had the pleasure of working with him directly on political campaigns and at the same law firm. In all realms he is a devoted professional who has an admirable work ethic and is extremely dedicated to his clients!"

Jermaine Thomas, Attorney at Law, Houston


"I was a jury member on a military court martial where Capt Howie was the prosecutor. He was a great asset to the Air Force legal system. He is an excellent and very persuasive trial attorney who did an awesome job representing his client's position. I highly recommend Mitchell Howie as a criminal defense attorney and would also hire him as a Texas business attorney or Alabama business attorney!"

Paula Smith, Jury Member


“I worked alongside Mitchell as prosecutors for the USAF JAG Corps and without a doubt, Mitchell is a hard-working, dedicated, and knowledgeable trial attorney. Mitchell will go the extra mile to do whatever is necessary to succeed and get the job done as a military defense attorney and a Huntsville trial attorney."

Bryan Huffman, Owner of Huffman Law Firm

"I had the opportunity to work with Capt Mitchell Howie on a variety of legal issues and he impressed me with his attention to detail, work ethic and courtroom presence. From the standpoint of a jury member who has seen him in action, his ability as a trial attorney overshadows all of his outstanding work as a lawyer. As a jury member on one of his litigated courts, I found Capt Howie to be one of the best trial attorneys I have ever seen and much more persuasive and fact-based for his client's position compared to the military defense attorneys. I highly recommend Mitchell Howie as a Huntsville trial attorney and Huntsville business attorney. Mitchell Howie is the lawyer I would want on my team in any court case!"

Charles E. Beam, Jury Member


"I was a jury member on a court martial where Capt Howie was the prosecutor. He was passionate and extremely detail-oriented in representing the government's interest and is a gifted trial attorney. I would definitely recommend Mitchell Howie as a Huntsville criminal defense lawyer and also would not hesitate to hire him as a Huntsville business attorney."

Gregory Pleinis, Jury Member

"Mitch is a great attorney and a good friend. I worked with him for about a year in the JAG Corps. During that time, I was always impressed by his dedication to the quality of his work, as well as to the people he served. I would highly recommend Mitchell Howie as a Huntsville trial lawyer!"

Gregory Jackson, Senior Trial Counsel


"Mitchell is a highly regarded and remarkable trial attorney! I have had the pleasure of sitting as a voting member on two of his military hearings where he skillfully represented the government's interest. He vastly outshines the military defense attorneys he faces in court. Mitchell presents his client's case in an extremely PERSUASIVE manner. Out of all the courts and hearings I have been a voting member, hands down, Mitchell is the best military attorney and trial advocate I have seen in the courtroom! I would hire him as a civilian defense attorney in a civil or criminal matter should the need ever arise without hesitation."

William G. Smith, Jury Member


"Mitchell J. Howie represented an acquaintance of mine in a criminal matter. Through his zealous representation of my acquaintance and Mitchell Howie's admirable advocacy skills, he successfully persuaded the district attorney to drop the charges COMPLETELY! I would trust him to defend myself and anyone in my family should the need ever arise. Based on his diligent and effective representation as a Huntsville criminal defense attorney I would most definitely hire him as a Huntsville business attorney and for other civil law matters."

Hal Rochkind, Senior Account Manager, Aerotek Engineering

"Mitchell is a spectacular advocate! I was a voting board member in one of his hearings. He did the singularly best job out of all the JAG prosecutors and military defense attorneys I have ever seen. This includes ALL the court and administrative hearings I have been a voting member. Mitchell gives a rock solid presentation of his client's position!"

Aaron K. Benson, Jury Member

“Mitchell is a prominent and gifted trial attorney! I have been a military court reporter for over 18 years and have worked on well over 100 courts-martial with hundreds of trial attorneys and military defense attorneys. A zealous advocate for his client, Mitchell is one of the best trial attorneys and defense attorneys I have ever seen!”

Mr. Jeffrey Dyer, Court Reporter